Overall, laminate flooring can certainly be a great choice for homeowners who want the appeal of hardwood but without the cost and maintenance. This more affordable option comes in all kinds of styles and finishes, so homeowners can achieve any look they desire in their living spaces.


Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to using laminate floors as well. Some homeowners are hesitant to use it because of the fact that it's not "the real deal." Others are turned off by the appearance of fake wood. Some homeowners dislike how hard this type of flooring feels on the feet, and a certain "hollow" sound when walked on. But with the right underlay, this can be helped. Laminate floors cannot be finished or stained. Therefore, if a homeowner purchases laminate flooring and decides they want a different finish later, it will be necessary to completely replace the floors. Laminate flooring as opposed to real wood will yield a smaller resale value on the home.

Cons of Laminate Floors

As with any flooring type, there are inherent advantages and disadvantages that come along with the choice of laminate flooring. One of the biggest benefits of laminate flooring that homeowners love is the price. It is less costly than installing real wood floors in the home. This type of flooring is also very durable. Unlike real wood, it is much more difficult to scratch, stain or dent laminate because of the way it is manufactured. In addition to its low price and high durability, laminate flooring also does not require much maintenance. Unlike traditional wood floors, which may require sanding and refinishing over time, all it takes to clean and maintain laminate flooring is periodic surface cleaning, which can be done using a mop, water and floor cleaner.Laminate flooring can also typically be installed over existing flooring, which can save homeowners a lot of time and hassle. It can also save them money as removing existing flooring can be quite pricey. Homeowners considering the option to overlay should be sure, however, to buy thicker laminate flooring than average. This way, there will be less potential for a hollow space to develop between the existing floor and the laminate. 

Pros of Laminate Floors

Many homeowners opt for laminate flooring as a relatively affordable way to achieve the look of elegant, beautiful wood floors. Laminate flooring comes in many styles and finishes, and it is also durable enough to be resistant to scratching and dents. Overall, this can be a great choice for homeowners who like the look of wood floors but do not want to deal with the expensive price or high maintenance required of them.